Bridge Type Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer


Fast, Accurate, and Compact: New Brother BAS series features a bridge type design that provides consistent sewing speeds and improved stitch quality on large area sewing applications


Improved Productivity, Superior Quality, a Space Saving Design, and a Large Sewing Area

  • The large sewing area provides greater flexibility
  • World’s top-class productivity and sewing quality
  • Effective utilization of factory floor space with compact footprint
  • Productivity improvement by IoT
  • New digital tension allows for a wide variety of threads
  • Maschine head lifting function
  • Ease of Access to suttle hook area is simplified


Sewing Area (X-Y) Max. sewing speed Max. stitch length Number of stitches
1200mm×700mm 2,500sti / min 0.05-20.0mm (per 0.05mm) 100,000 stitches (per program)